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I don't normally write reviews of this kind, but I feel compelled to do so now to warn others. I have been dealing with everything related to selling a house, starting a new job, preparing for a move and the holidays for some time. Some of these requests come while I am on a work trip, getting used to new jobs and new cities, and sometimes having to deal with the stress that comes with everything in the process of selling my apartment and starting my work again and preparing for the holidays.

Another request I received was that I asked my landlord to call the city of HOU to determine whether I needed to get a permit for my truck. The landlord did not respond, but I tried to contact him immediately and said I would be going to his house for the weekend.

I looked up the address on Google Maps and came to the conclusion that I cannot park the truck on the street. After receiving pressure from S & V for a response, I took the logical next step and called other removal companies in HOU to clarify how I would handle the delivery. As S & V had no subsidiary inHOU, I convinced them to store them at GSO, where they could control the costs (i.e. collect storage fees).

I found out what it would cost to have someone else deliver it, so I checked with S & V's WGT. S & V handled this well and initially used it as a move from VA to GSO for 2018.

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More About Kernersville