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Eventbrite TriviaTainment presents a special edition of the horror film series "Hocus pocus" at KERNERSVILLE Brewing Company in Kernersville, North Carolina, on Saturday, October 27, from 7 to 10 pm. This is the most fun I # ve had in a long time, starting at 19: 00, and one of my favorite events of all time.

Also in line is the annual Chairity charity event, where new chairs are built and old ones are auctioned to raise money for a battered women's shelter in the town of Kernersville, North Carolina. I've been at this event for a few years and there are 35 chairs up for auction, bringing in about $4000 each year.

You can show your financial support by clicking on a PayPal donation at the top of this page and stating that it is intended for Kernersville Mountain Bike Park. Come and join me as we make this event an annual event for many years to come.

While Thornton and Coulters are eagerly awaiting their brewing license, Gypsy Road Brewing is just missing the three-barrel system they are hoping to use to brew their first batch of beer in a few months. John said the three-barrel system would start with small batches and that they would rely on honest feedback from patrons. The rest will be marketing, selling and putting up money for each batch. In the meantime, they're just trying to keep their beer on tap and support other local breweries by keeping the best beer from North Carolina.

As most members of the Dunder Mifflin family have proven, you don't have to be the best boss in the world to be known, it takes a lot more than proving it.

The Kernersville Museum is located at 127 West Mountain Street and focuses on the history of the town of Kernerville. It is also housed in what is said to be North Carolina's oldest historic building, the old Town Hall building from 1896. This tourist attraction is a very unusual design and architecture, which features a large number of historic buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as some modern buildings.

The Kernersville Museum Foundation was established in 2013 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit supported by the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The house was shown in a production of the state television. This park includes an outdoor shed with many paths, features and amenities built by hand - by the KCC construction team, as well as an Eagle Scout project run by local Boy Scouts.

Kernersville is also home to a Montessori school, a KCC Community College and is home to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Resources and the Kerners County Museum.

Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro serves as the region's main airport for quoting quotations. Kernersville is located south of the North Carolina-South Carolina border and north of Raleigh and Durham.

US Route 421 is a four-lane highway that follows the former route of Interstate 40 until the highway was moved south. Construction of the bypass began in the late 1990s, beginning in the fall of 2013, with construction of a US 421 overpass bridge expected to include the construction of a new section of highway north of the bridge, with an intersection with Mountain Street. Construction of the section was completed in late 2014, but more construction work is pending on the Beltway. This has largely maximised the available land and the construction team has planned a few minor adjustments, but the total length of the path will not increase significantly.

On the right side of this page you can see the status of the route and follow us on Twitter at @ KvilleCycleClub for status updates. We have written grant applications and received grants from organizations that support projects that benefit the people of Kernersville.

The MTB community has been following a trail in Kernersville for years, but it only came about when it all came together. Urban planners approached the association to build a mountain bike park with us on an area of about 27 hectares. Barbara Fulp, a member of our advisory board, spearheaded the creation of the KvilleCycleClub, a 501 (c) (7) nonprofit organization that promotes all forms of cycling, promotes health, and whose mission is to be a link between the city and local cyclists. Wally Wallace and J.G. Wolfe have been named by the KCC as co-directors of the project, which has yet to receive city approval.

In autumn 2013, construction began on the first section of the trail, a 3.9-kilometre loop from the city centre to the stream. A new green area has been built and a cross is being built so that motorists can simply pass by, which is also equipped with a traffic light. The KCC and the trail building team are developing further stages of this path to complete the 3 - 9 mile loop in 2018.

More About Kernersville

More About Kernersville